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Vector - MSX - Ordinateur Microsoft
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Monde Vector
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Nekki Ltd.
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Nekki Ltd.
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Anglais Vector is a 2D autorunner / daring escape game set in a totalitarian state where workers are controlled through an electronic headband. One of them becomes frustrated and manages to escape. The player has to help him stay out the hands of his pursuers. The game is similar to Canabalt in basic gameplay and also in visual design, with a black character against a city background. It improves over the formula by adding parkour elements. The player does not only have to dodge obstacles, timing is also important to perform various moves that speed up the run or widen the distance to the pursuer.

In each level the protagonist is chased by a single guard. When he gets too close, the character is tased and the level needs to be restarted. Slowing down can be caused by bumping into obstacles or timing incorrectly. It is also possible to fall down in pits and die right away. Movement is based on three types of interactions: sliding, jumping, and accelerating. On mobile devices this is done by swiping down, up, and right, respectively. Based on the timing however, various parkour moves can be pulled off for special jumps and vaults. These are often required to stay ahead. A level ends when a door is reached. While breaking through glass and climbing obstacles, it is sometimes also possible to follow branching paths. While playing, the character can gather bonus cubes and coins, and perform specific tricks marked through white signs. At the end of the level the player is rated with up to three stars based on various parameters. Stars are needed to open up some locked levels. In the general story mode new levels are unlocked gradually, but can only be started when a new trick has been bought with coins. When not enough coins have been gathered, previous levels need to be replayed or coins can be bought through in-app purchases. In addition coins can be used to buy new gear and customize the character, or buy gadgets that provide more abilities such as slowing down time or a force blaster.

There are some differences between the platforms in how the game is offered. The Facebook browser version is free, but highly relies on in-app purchases to progress. For the iOS and Android versions there is both a free and a paid version, and both those versions support in-app purchases. New levels were added over time and not all of them are available in the free version. The iOS version contains 30 levels and the Android version has 40 for the full version. For Android however the first twenty levels are available without an additional charge in the free version. The levels are divided into three main environments (Downtown, Construction Yard and Technology Park) and the additional levels appear in a separate bonus section.
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