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Bomberman 64
Bomberman 64 - Nintendo 64 - Console Nintendo
General Information
From the same family
General Information
Game Name (internal ScreenScraper)
Information Proposed by
Bomberman 64
Game name (by Region)
Regions Information Proposed by
   Japon Baku Bomberman
Continent Américain
   USA Bomberman 64
Europe Bomberman 64
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Number of Players
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Rating Categories
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JV:+3 ans
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Action / Adventure
Release date(s)
Regions Information Proposed by
USA 30/11/1997
Japon 26/09/1997
Europe 01/11/1997
Additional information
Play Mode(s)
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Languages Information Proposed by
Allemand Bomberman 64 ist ein Actionspiel auf Nintendo 64. Du spielst Bomberman und gehst durch Levels, indem du alles auf deinem Weg in die Luft jagst, egal ob es Mauern oder Feinde sind. Dieses Spiel bietet dir 24 Levels und die Möglichkeit, deinen kleinen Bomber individuell zu gestalten. Bomberman 64 ist mit 4 auf der gleichen Bildschirm spielbar.
Anglais The inhabitants of Bomber World have a unique philosophy of life: if something gets in the way, blow it up. Now you, too, can join in the fun with Hudson Soft's Bomberman 64.

In Bomberman 64's all-new one-player Adventure mode, marauders have set their sights on Bomberman's peaceful planet. You'll explore labyrinthine levels by dropping bombs, solving puzzles and finding hidden items. The action takes place across five brightly colored worlds: a smoldering volcano, ruined castle, icy mountain range, orbiting space station and storybook village. Find all 100 Gold Cards in the first five worlds and you can access a sixth world.

To maximize your score, you'll need to finish each of the 20 levels as quickly as possible. Deadlines are tighter on the Hard difficulty setting. Despite the prevalence of incendiary devices, Bomberman 64's overhead perspective, cartoon-like graphics and bright palette gives the game the cheerful feel of Super Mario RPG.

It's Bomberman 64's multiplayer mode, though, that really blows the socks off the pyrotechnicians at Power Source. In Single Battle mode, dashing about the baffling arenas and blowing each other to smithereens proves to be, well, a blast. Team Battle mode is a highly explosive version of capture-the-flag. Your goal here is to destroy the enemy team's gems while protecting your own.

You can choose the number and duration of battles. You can also choose from three levels of artificial intelligence for CPU-controlled bombers. When the Ghost option is selected, your little guy will return as a wispy double of his old self after he's gone boom. Ghosts can control a normal Bomberman, but they cannot deploy bombs.

You'll savor Bomberman 64's sneaky new features, including extremely high explosives and the ability to toss or kick your bombs diagonally. Other new features include the ability to pump up bombs, knock foes unconscious, grab and toss unconscious foes, and toss or kick bombs diagonally. Bomberman 64 is a blast!
Espagnol El malvado Altair está usando el Omni Cube para drenar la energía de Planet Bomber. Con la ayuda de un misterioso ayudante, debes derrotar a Altair y restaurar la paz en Planet Bomber. En el modo Aventura, guía a Bomberman a través de 24 áreas de conflicto peligroso. Combatir a los aliados siniestros de Altair, destruir sus bases y poner fin al ataque insano. El modo de batalla multijugador ofrece horas interminables de acción explosiva. Use el personaje estándar de Bomberman o cree uno personalizado y guárdelo en un N64 Controller Pak.
Français Altair l'affreux utilise l'Omni Cube pour vider les réserves d'énergie de la planète Bomber. Aidez Bomberman à livrer bataille dans 24 niveaux différents. Affrontez les sbires d'Altair, détruisez les bases ennemies et rétablissez la paix sur la planète. Le mode multi-joueurs vous offrira des heures de rire et d'action.
Portugais O maligno Altair está usando o Omni Cube para drenar a energia do planeta Bomber. Com a ajuda de um assistente misterioso, você deve derrotar o Altair e restaurar a pazr. No modo Aventura, conduza o Bomberman por 24 áreas perigosas e cheias de inimigos. Lute contra os sinistros aliados de Altair, destrua suas bases e acabe com seus planos malignos. O modo de batalha multiplayer oferece infinitas horas de ação explosiva. Use o personagem padrão Bomberman ou crie um personalizado.
General Information
From the same family
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