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Here are some rules to respect if you don't want your account (and your IP) to be permanently banned from the site and from the API that is used to retrieve information and media from our servers via your usual scraper software :

1. Do not create additional account(s) when you have exceeded your daily scrape quota. It's useless and won't allow you to continue your daily scrape. Be patient or if you haven't done so yet, support us by donating or participating in the improvement of the database and medias, which will allow you to increase your daily quota (see F.A.Q.).

2. Do not share your member account or you will be banned for life. We have set up a daily quota system that allows a certain number of requests per day for the same account AND/OR the same IP address. Sharing your member account is therefore useless and will also automatically ban the IP of the other users concerned.

3. Sort out your roms library. Some systems, like the MAME or Commodore 64 system, contain an excessive number of roms, most of which are duplicates, clones, the same game in a different region or version, ... Dedicated software exists to sort through these large roms packs. Make a sorting before scrapping to avoid reaching your daily quota too often.

4. Don't come and complain at the first opportunity about the speed, the quota system, the quality of the media, the quality of the website or the service, ... on the forum or on discord. You probably don't have in mind all the elements and constraints that such a service requires. So don't bother to come and give us lessons in design, infrastructure or development.

5. The Learning Period. Before asking for information, wait until you have had a good look around the website, get a feel for how the site and the scrape service work. First, read the F.A.Q. available in several languages. It will certainly give you all the information you need. We worked hard time to write it and to update it regularly, so that it can be read and understood.

6. Benevolence is a must in the community. Whether on the forum, in the comments or on our discord, please be polite (hello / please / thank you / ...), patient and kind to each other. No war of distribution, scrappers, consoles, ... no politics, no polemics, this is not the place. No discrimination, no hate speech either, it's prohibited (BAN for life)

7. No links to illegal sites such as roms downloads, roms packs, or even information that leads to such sites. No discussion on this topic is allowed, either on the forum, in the comments or on our discord.

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